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About me

Hello you ! I’m Carla Ejarque, the potter and the creative behind Carlaejarque Ceramics.

I discovered pottery back in 2016 during my student exchange in Budapest, Hungary. It was love at first sight. That’s why, when I moved back to Barcelona, I studied a bachelor in Artistic Ceramics after finishing my Architecture degree. 


My work is inspired by the landscapes I have been discovering, like Iceland or Jordan, but also by minerals and the magic of the sea.

All pieces are handmade by me, I make them with love and care and I never think of the amount of time I dedicate to each of them. I’m captivated by the process of creation, and the mindfulness that working with my hands brings me. 


In 2021, I moved to Adelaide, Australia. I work from my home studio where I design the different collections you can buy at the website, I make tableware for restaurants and I teach pottery classes and workshops.

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