Wheel throwing private classes

Is it your first time on the wheel, and you want not just to have an experience and have fun, but also to learn well and fast? Then this class is for you! I wish I had this opportunity when I was learning, so I could avoid paying a great amount of money on workshops where I’d have the attention of the teacher for just 5 minutes. That’s why I’m so happy to announce this class.

You will choose the time that suits you better, and you will have my full attention. How does it sound? I’ll teach you from scratch if it’s your first time, or I can help you to master your techniques if you are intermediate or advanced. Tell me your needs and what are you interested in learning, and I’ll adapt the session for you.

This event can be for one or two people, so if you have a friend, a partner, a family member, a neighbour, a pet… Come together and we’ll have even more fun.

When? You choose when, I’ll send you a doodle where you will have a calendar with free spots, and we’ll make it happen.

You can choose to make this event a one-time experience or make it regular so that you reach your goals on the potter wheel in the snap of the fingers.


What to wear

A towel and an apron or clothing you don’t mind getting full of clay (because you’ll get dirty) and a smile!


What’s in for you

Fun, knowledge and 2 pieces per session. Less is more, the idea is that you choose the best items you made from the session, and I’ll fire and glaze them. They’ll be ready in two weeks.


Who can come?

Anybody! As it’s a private class, you choose the level and who you want to come with.

So all levels and all ages.


PRIVATE CLASS - 2 persons - Session of 2,5h – 180 dollars – 90 pp

PRIVATE CLASS - 3 persons - Session of 2,5h – 270 dollars – 90 pp

PRIVATE CLASS - 4 persons - Session of 2,5h – 340 dollars – 85 pp

PRIVATE CLASS - 5 persons - Session of 2,5h – 425 dollars – 85 pp

PRIVATE CLASS - 6 persons - Session of 2,5h – 480 dollars – 80 pp


Tranmere, SA

Book your class!

Click on the book button and my email will pop up, so you can email me telling me what kind of class you would like to have and when suits you better to come!